So Cal Tenants Resource provides Southern California residential tenants with one-stop-shop litigation services.  So Cal Tenants Resource is a holistic litigation service which exclusively represents tenants in all aspects of litigation.  From inception of the lawsuit through settlement or trial, managing attorney Andres X. Alatorre handles every aspect of a tenant's case with the skill and confidence of an expert eviction defense attorney.  Calling upon years of experience handing over 1,000 unlawful detainer (eviction) cases from start to finish, attorney Andres X. Alatorre has appeared at thousands of court hearings and defended over 100 unlawful detainer trials, protecting both residential and commercial tenants from eviction.  

So Cal Tenants Resource provides tenants who find value in protecting their home, their credit, and their good name with sophisticated and aggressive legal representation, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional law firm. 

So Cal Tenants Resource strives to provide the Southern California tenant with as much value as possible, in a cost effective manner.  As a community service, So Cal Tenants Resource provides FREE TENANT FORMS to So Cal Tenants who find the need to contact their Landlord in writing.  While the Free Tenant Forms are intended to resolve disputes in an attempt to avoid litigation, So Cal Tenants Resource is ready to follow up by filing lawsuits against Landlords who fail to comply, or by assisting with the preparation of a small claims lawsuit when and where appropriate. 

So Cal Tenants Resources also provides tenants with a guide to the most useful information a tenant could need in almost any landlord-tenant situation.  From links for the first-time tenant looking to find a roommate, that first-place to call home, to a shelter directory and temporary-housing for the tenant facing homelessness, or for the tenant who finds themselves in the need of temporary assistance, the USEFUL LINKS page is an indispensable resource for the Southern California tenant.


The law firm of So Cal Tenants Resource also specializes in all aspects of Commercial Landlord v. Tenant litigation.  Alatorre & Associates represents commercial tenants who see great value in sophisticated, cost effective, legal counsel.  Alatorre & Associates, also provides "in-house counsel" type services to small business owners who find themselves in frequent need of legal counsel in real estate and other contract matters.  Additionally, Alatorre & Associates also conducts hearings and trials on behalf of other law firms who feel the need to bring in expert eviction defense counsel. 

Attorney Andres X. Alatorre's years as a housing rights activist and trial-lawyer has given him the opportunity to develop his litigation and trial skills, as well as his knowledge of unlawful detainer (eviction) law, to become an expert eviction defense attorney well known throughout Southern California.  This experience allows managing attorney Andres X. Alatorre the unique opportunity to provide each and everyone of his clients with aggressive and sophisticated legal representation. 





Law Office of Daniel J. Bramzon (2012-2014)

While an associate attorney with the Law Office of Daniel J. Bramzon, Andres X. Alatorre was charged with litigating his own caseload from inception through judgment or settlement.  He also regularly appeared at hearings and conducted trials on behalf of other associate attorneys at the firm.  

BASTA, Inc.  (2010 - 2014)

Andres X. Alatorre is a housing rights advocate formerly employed as an associate attorney with BASTA, Inc., a non-profit housing rights organization located in downtown Los Angeles.  Since beginning his work in September of 2010 as a student volunteer, then as an associate attorney commencing in December of 2010, Mr. Alattorre’s time working for BASTA, Inc. was almost exclusively devoted to the eviction defense of low income tenants, most of whom live in rent-controlled apartments. 

Mr. Alatorre's current activism involves everything from filing law suits against slum landlords, to complex and mass eviction defense cases, and other related litigation.  During his time as a housing rights activist, Mr. Alatorre has defended literally hundreds of unlawful detainers annually, and co-counseled on many other affirmative actions against slum landlords.


University of La Verne College of Law, 2011, cum laude

Andres X. Alatorre attained his Juris Doctor degree from the University of La Verne College of Law in 2011, graduating cum laude.  Activities and Societies:  Law Review Editor, Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF), and the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA).                                                     

California State Polytechnic University Pomona, 2007 

Andres X. Alatorre graduated from Cal Poly, Pomona with honors in 2007, attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Real Estate, and Law.  Activities and Societies: MECHA.  Go Broncos!