When An Aggressive Eviction Defense Is Needed To Protect Your Rights!



Hire an expert eviction defense group to defend your home. 

With years of experience working for one of California's largest eviction defense organizations, attorney Andres X. Alatorre has defended thousands of eviction (unlawful detainer) cases, and co-counseled on hundreds more.  Mr. Alatorre has successfully negotiated favorable settlements in almost all of his eviction defense cases, securing a waiver of all claims for back rent against the tenant, a clean eviction/credit record, and an additional one to two months to vacate the property.  Many tenants are even paid several months rent or a complete return of their security deposit in addition to the waiver of money claims against them.  In some cases, Mr. Alatorre can negotiate a settlement that allows the tenant to remain on the property.  

While the vast majority of So Cal Tenants Resource's eviction defense cases settle, some do not.  Mr. Alatorre is always prepared to aggressively defend each case through the completion of jury trial, so that members of your community--not the judge alone--are given the opportunity to decide the outcome of your case. 



Protect your business, so that you can focus on running it.

So Cal Tenants Resource also represents commercial tenants in pre-eviction disputes and eviction (unlawful detainer) cases with their landlord.  Attorney Andres X. Alatorre understands that his commercial clients have a particularly strong economic incentive to protect their business from an abrupt interruption caused by a potential eviction.  

The vast majority of So Cal Tenants Resource's commercial eviction defense cases settle, allowing the tenant to remain on the property for years to come.  Mr. Alatorre also understands that his commercial clients often need the landlord to make certain accommodations and additional guarantees of long-term stability in order for his clients to consider the settlement a success.